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May-1999Dynamic properties of multiple grating formation in doped and thermally treated lead germanateMendrieks, S.; Yue, X.; Pankrath, R.; Hesse, H.; Kip, Detlef 
Aug-1998Growth and photorefractive properties of doped Pb₅Ge₃O₁₁ crystals and of (Pb₁₋ₓBaₓ)₅Ge₃O₁₁ solid solutionsMendricks, S.; Yue, X.; Nikolajsen, T.; Pankrath, R.; Hesse, H.; Kip, Detlef 
1997Photorefractive properties of ion-implanted waveguides in strontium barium niobate crystalsKip, Detlef ; Kemper, B.; Nee, I.; Pankrath, R.; Moretti, P.
1996Refractive indices of Sr₀.₆₁ Ba₀.₃₉Nb₂O₆ single crystalsKip, Detlef ; Aulkemeyer, S.; Buse, K.; Mersch, F.; Pankrath, R.; Kraetzig, E.