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13-Nov-2023Direct 3D Sampling of the Embryonic Mouse Head: Layer-wise Nanosecond Infrared Laser (NIRL) Ablation from Scalp to Cortex for Spatially Resolved ProteomicsNavolic, Jelena; Schlumbohm, Simon ; Moritz, Manuela; Schumann, Yannis ; Voß, Hannah; Schlüter, Hartmut; Neumann, Julia E.; Hahn, Jan
20-Jun-2022HarmonizR enables data harmonization across independent proteomic datasets with appropriate handling of missing valuesVoß, Hannah; Schlumbohm, Simon ; Barwikowski, Philip; Wurlitzer, Marcus; Dottermusch, Matthias; Neumann, Philipp ; Schlüter, Hartmut; Neumann, Julia E.; Krisp, Christoph
30-Dec-2023Integrated proteomics spotlight the proteasome as a therapeutic vulnerability in Embryonal Tumors with Multilayered RosettesSchumann, Yannis ; Dottermusch, Matthias; Biabani, Ali; Neumann, Julia E.; Lampertz, Tasja; Navolic, Jelena; Godbole, Shweta; Obrecht, Denise; Frank, Stephan; Dorostkar, Mario M; Voß, Hannah; Schlüter, Hartmut; Rutkowski, Stefan; Schüller, Ulrich
11-Jan-2024Morphology-based molecular classification of spinal cord ependymomas using deep neural networksSchumann, Yannis ; Dottermusch, Matthias; Schweizer, Leonille; Krech, Maja; Lempertz, Tasja; Schüller, Ulrich; Neumann, Philipp ; Neumann, Julia E.
Mar-2023Robust classification using average correlations as features (ACF)Schumann, Yannis ; Neumann, Julia E.; Neumann, Philipp 
24-Nov-2021Spatial molecular profiling of a central nervous system low-grade diffusely infiltrative tumour with INI1 deficiency featuring a high-grade atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumour componentDottermusch, Matthias; Schumann, Yannis ; Kordes, Uwe; Hasselblatt, Martin; Neumann, Julia E.