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20162LiBH4MgH2 nanoconfined into carbon aerogel scaffold impregnated with ZrCl4 for reversible hydrogen storageUtke, Rapee; Thiangviriya, Sophida; Javadian, Payam; Jensen, Torben R.; Milanese, Chiara; Klassen, Thomas ; Dornheim, Martin
2016A new potassium-based intermediate and its role in the desorption properties of the KMgNH systemSantoru, Antonio; Garroni, Sebastiano; Pistidda, Claudio; Milanese, Chiara; Girella, A.; Marini, Amedeo; Masolo, Elisabetta; Valentoni, Antonio; Bergemann, Nils; Le, Thi Thu; Cao, Hujun; Haase, Dörthe; Balmes, O.; Taube, Klaus; Mulas, Gabriele; Enzo, Stefano; Klassen, Thomas ; Dornheim, Martin
2016Ca(BH4)2Mg2NiH4: On the pathway to a Ca(BH4)2 system with are versible hydrogen cycleBergemann, Nils; Pistidda, Claudio; Milanese, Chiara; Emmler, Thomas; Karimi, Fahim; Chaudhary, Anna-Lisa; Chierotti, Michele R.; Klassen, Thomas ; Dornheim, Martin
2013Compaction pressure influence on material properties and sorption behaviour of LiBH4MgH2 compositeJepsen, Julian ; Milanese, Chiara; Girella, Alessandro; Klassen, Thomas 
Open Access2019Development of Novel Borohydride-Based Material Systems for Hydrogen Storage ApplicationsBergemann, Nils
2020Enhanced Stability of Li-RHC Embedded in an Adaptive TPX Polymer ScaffoldLe, Thi Thu; Pistidda, Claudio; Abetz, Clarissa; Georgopanos, Prokopios; Garroni, Sebastiano; Capurso, Giovanni; Milanese, Chiara; Puszkiel, Julián A.; Dornheim, Martin; Abetz, Volker; Klassen, Thomas 
2017In Situ X-ray Diffraction Studies on the De/rehydrogenation Processes of the K2[Zn(NH2)4]-8LiH SystemCao, Hujun; Pistidda, Claudio; Richter, Theresia M. M.; Santoru, Antonio; Milanese, Chiara; Garroni, Sebastiano; Bednarcik, Jozef; Chaudhary, Anna-Lisa; Gizer, Gökhan; Liermann, Hanns-Peter; Niewa, Rainer; Ping, Cheng; Klassen, Thomas ; Dornheim, Martin
2015Influence of milling parameters on the sorption properties of the LiHMgB2 system doped with TiCl3Busch, Nina; Jepsen, Julian ; Pistidda, Claudio; Puszkiel, Julián A.; Karimi, Fahim; Milanese, Chiara; Tolkiehn, Martin; Dornheim, Martin; Klassen, Thomas 
Open Access2018Insights into the structure and reaction mechanism of alkali and alkaline-earth metal amide-metal hydride composite systems for hydrogen storageSantoru, Antonio
2013Nanoconfined 2LiBH4MgH2TiCl3 in carbon aerogel scaffold for reversible hydrogen storageGosalawit-Utke, Rapee; Milanese, Chiara; Javadian, Payam; Klassen, Thomas 
Open Access2020Role of Additives on the Kinetic and Thermodynamic Properties of Mg(NH2)2+LiH Reactive Hydride CompositeGizer, Gökhan
2017The effect of Sr(OH)2 on the hydrogen storage properties of the Mg(NH2)22LiH systemCao, Hujun; Wang, Han; Pistidda, Claudio; Milanese, Chiara; Zhang, Weijin; Chaudhary, Anna-Lisa; Santoru, Antonio; Garroni, Sebastiano; Bednarcik, Jozef; Liermann, Hanns-Peter; Chen, Ping; Klassen, Thomas ; Dornheim, Martin
2020Using the Emission of Muonic X-rays as a Spectroscopic Tool for the Investigation of the Local Chemistry of ElementsAramini, Matteo; Milanese, Chiara; Hillier, Adrian D.; Girella, Alessandro; Horstmann, Christian; Klassen, Thomas ; Ishida, Katsuo; Dornheim, Martin; Pistidda, Claudio