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2011Assessment of eddy resolving techniques for the flow over periodically arranged hills up to Re=37,000Manhart, Michael; Rapp, Christoph; Peller, Nikolaus; Breuer, Michael ; Aybay, Orhan; Denev, Jordan A.; Falconi, Carlos J.
Open Access2019Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Fluid-Struktur-Interaktion einer deformierbaren Membran-Halbkugel in turbulenter StrömungWood, Jens Nikolas 
Feb-2009Flow over periodic hills - Numerical and experimental study in a wide range of Reynolds numbersBreuer, Michael ; Peller, Nikolaus; Rapp, Christoph; Manhart, Michael
Dec-2012Flow over periodic hills - Test case for ERCOFTAC knowledge base wikiBreuer, Michael ; Rapp, Christoph; Manhart, Michael
2009Hybrid LES-RANS-coupling for complex flows with separationBreuer, Michael ; Aybay, Orhan; Jaffrézic, Benoit; Visonneau, Michel; Deng, Ganbo; Guilmineau, Emmanuel; Chikhaoui, Oussama