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2019A Seamless Description Approach for Engineering – Methods Illustrated for Industrie 4.0 ScenariosWehrstedt, Jan Christoph; Groos, Benedikt; Klein, Wolfram; Malik, Vincent; Rothbauer, Stefan; Zeller, Marc; Weiß, S.; Böhm, Birthe; Brings, Jennifer; Daun, Marian; Caesar, Birte ; Fay, Alexander ; Hung Koo, Chee; Vorderer, Marian
2018Challenges in the engineering of adaptable and flexible industrial factoriesBöhm, Birthe; Zeller, Marc; Vollmar, Jan; Weiß, Stefanie; Höfig, Kai; Malik, Vincent; Unverdorben, Stephan; Hildebrandt, Constantin 
2020Modeling and Analyzing Context-Sensitive Changes during RuntimeWehrstedt, Jan Christoph; Brings, Jennifer; Caesar, Birte ; Daun, Marian; Feeken, Linda; Hildebrandt, Constantin ; Klein, Wolfram; Malik, Vincent; Wirtz, Boris; Wolf, Stefanie