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Open AccessDec-2020A Geometric Representation and Similarity Measure for Clustering Based Anomaly Detection in Industrial Automation SystemsLi, Peng
2020A Non-Convex Archetypal Analysis for One-class Classification based Anomaly Detection in Cyber-Physical SystemsLi, Peng; Niggemann, Oliver 
2020Learned AbstractionBunte, Andreas; Li, Peng; Niggemann, Oliver 
2020Non-convex hull based anomaly detection in CPPSLi, Peng; Niggemann, Oliver 
2019Why Symbolic AI is a Key Technology for Self-Adaption in the Context of CPPSBunte, Andreas; Wunderlich, Paul; Moritz, Natalia; Li, Peng; Mankowski, Andre; Rogalla, Antje; Niggemann, Oliver