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2017Attosecond interferometry with self-amplified spontaneous emission of a free-electron laserUsenko, Sergey; Przystawik, Andreas; Jakob, Markus Alexander; Lazzarino, Leslie Lamberto; Brenner, G√ľnter; Toleikis, Sven; Haunhorst, Christian ; Kip, Detlef ; Laarmann, Tim
2019Shaping femtosecond laser pulses at short wavelength with grazing-incidence opticsLazzarino, Leslie Lamberto; Kazemi, M. M.; Haunhorst, Christian ; Becker, Christoph; Hartwell, S.; Jakob, Markus Alexander; Przystawik, Andreas; Usenko, Sergey; Kip, Detlef ; Hartl, I.; Laarmann, Tim
2017Split-And-Delay Unit for FEL Interferometry in the XUV Spectral RangeUsenko, Sergey; Przystawik, Andreas; Lazzarino, Leslie Lamberto; Jakob, Markus Alexander; Jacobs, Florian; Becker, Christoph; Haunhorst, Christian ; Kip, Detlef ; Laarmann, Tim