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2017A Knowledge Carrying Service-Component Architecture for Smart Cyber Physical SystemsHaubeck, Christopher; Lamersdorf, Wilfried; Fay, Alexander  
2016Automated Determining of Manufacturing Properties and Their Evolutionary Changes from Event TracesLadiges, Jan ; Fay, Alexander  ; Lamersdorf, Wilfried
Open Access2018Automatisierte Bestimmung von Eigenschaften industrieller Produktionssysteme unter Einfluss evolutionärer ÄnderungenLadiges, Jan 
2016Learning Behaviour Models of Discrete Event Production Systems from Observing Input/Output SignalsLadiges, Jan ; Haubeck, Christopher; Fay, Alexander  ; Lamersdorf, Wilfried
2018Step-based evolution support among networked production automation systemsHaubeck, Christopher; Bornholdt, Heiko; Lamersdorf, Wilfried; Chakraborty, Abhishek ; Fay, Alexander  
2018Using model differencing to reason about observable behavior changes of manufacturing systemsPietsch, Christopher; Kelter, Udo; Haubeck, Christopher; Lamersdorf, Wilfried; Chakraborty, Abhishek ; Fay, Alexander