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2015Competition, Income Distribution, and the Middle ClassKittel, Bernhard; Paetzel, Fabian ; Traub, Stefan  
2017Expert advice in need-based allocationsKittel, Bernhard; Tepe, Markus; Lutz, Maximilian; Traub, Stefan  
2017Knowledge, Power, and Self-interestKittel, Bernhard; Kanitsar, Georg; Traub, Stefan  
2020Need-Based Distributive Justice
2017Need-based Justice in Social Exchange NetworksKittel, Bernhard; Schwaninger, Manuel ; Neuhofer, Sabine; Traub, Stefan  
2017Offers Beyond the Negotiating DyadSchwaninger, Manuel ; Neuhofer, Sabine; Kittel, Bernhard
2017Solidarity with Third Players in Exchange NetworsKittel, Bernhard; Neuhofer, Sabine; Schwaninger, Manuel ; Yang, Guanzhong; Traub, Stefan