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May-2006Anisotropy-invariant mapping of turbulence in a flow past an unswept airfoil at high angle of attackJoviĉić, Nikola; Breuer, Michael ; Jovanović, J.
2003Comparison of DES, RANS and LES for the separated flow around a flat plate at high incidenceBreuer, Michael ; Joviĉić, Nikola; Mazaev, K.
2009High-performance computing for the investigation of the flow past an airfoil with trailing-edge stallBreuer, Michael ; Joviĉić, Nikola
Oct-2001Separated flow around a flat plate at high incidence: an LES investigationBreuer, Michael ; Joviĉić, Nikola
Jun-2003Vortex formation and shedding from an airfoil at high angle of attack: a numerical studyBreuer, Michael ; Joviĉić, Nikola