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2013Bidirectional direct detection mode multiplexing scheme for optical short link communicationsHerschel, Reinhold; Kuhne, André; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2015Coherent receiver architectures for secure key distribution using faint optical multilevel signalsKleis, Sebastian ; Herschel, Reinhold; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2013Optically supported Millimeter Wave Transmission of Complex Gbps ChannelsHerschel, Reinhold; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2014Phase Modulated Radio-Over-Fiber System for High Order Modulation Millimeter Wave LinkHerschel, Reinhold; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2015Simple and efficient detection scheme for continuous variable quantum key distribution with m-ary phase-shift-keyingKleis, Sebastian ; Herschel, Reinhold; Schäffer, Christian G.