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2018Fabrication of low-loss Rb-exchanged ridge wave guides in z-cut KTiOPO4Volk, Martin ; Rüter, Christian E. ; Santandrea, Matteo; Eigner, Christof; Padberg, Laura; Herrmann, Harald; Silberhorn, Christine; Kip, Detlef  
2018Periodically poled ridge waveguides in KTP for second harmonic generation in the UV regimeEigner, Christof; Santandrea, Matteo; Padberg, Laura; Volk, Martin ; Rüter, Christian E. ; Herrmann, Harald; Kip, Detlef  ; Silberhorn, Christine
2016Rb-ex-changed ridge waveguides in KTPVolk, Martin F. ; Rüter, Christian E. ; Eigner, Christof; Herrmann, Harald; Silberhorn, Christine; Kip, Detlef