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Open Access2022Integrated Design Methodology for Advanced Functional MaterialsKramer, Denis ; Fortuin, Adrian ; Cao, Jiangming ; Thomas, Aleena Anna ; Pistidda, Claudio; Le, Thi Thu; Klassen, Thomas ; Höche, Daniel; Deng, Min; Störmer, Michael; Krishnamurthy, Gnanavel Vaidhyanathan
2021Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Titanium Dioxide as Model System for Size Effects in Aerosol DepositionDaneshian, Bahman ; Gärtner, Frank ; Weber, Wolfgang ; Klassen, Thomas ; Assadi, Hamid; Höche, Daniel
2022Parallel simulation of the Poisson–Nernst–Planck corrosion model with an algebraic flux correction methodShariati, Mohamadreza; Weber, Wolfgang ; Höche, Daniel
5-Mar-2021Size Effects of Brittle Particles in Aerosol Deposition - Molecular Dynamics SimulationDaneshian, Bahman ; Gärtner, Frank ; Assadi, Hamid; Höche, Daniel; Weber, Wolfgang ; Klassen, Thomas