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2019Characterization of BiVO4 powders and cold gas sprayed layers by surface photovoltage techniquesFengler, Steffen ; Dittrich, Thomas; Schieda, Mauricio; Gutzmann, Henning ; Emmler, Thomas; Villa Vidaller, Maria Teresa ; Klassen, Thomas  
2020Charge Transfer in c-Si(n++)/TiO2(ALD) at the Amorphous/Anatase TransitionKriegel, Herman; Schieda, Mauricio; Gutzmann, Henning ; Klassen, Thomas  ; Wollgarten, Markus; Dittrich, Thomas
2016Cold gas spraying - A promising technique for photoelectrodesHerrmann-Geppert, Iris ; Bogdanoff, Peter; Emmler, Thomas; Dittrich, Thomas; Radnik, Jörg; Klassen, Thomas  ; Gutzmann, Henning ; Schieda, Mauricio