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2017Domain generality and domain specificity in aesthetic appreciationJacobsen, Thomas ; Beudt, Susan
2016Evaluation of a Technology-Based Adaptive Learning and Prevention Program for Stress Response: A Randomized Controlled TrialWesemann, Ulrich; Kowalski, Jens T.; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Beudt, Susan; Jacobs, Herbert; Fehr, Julia; B├╝chler, Jana; Zimmermann, Peter L.
2016Mentalizing processes in aesthetic appreciation of conceptual artBeudt, Susan; Jacobsen, Thomas 
2015On the Role of Mentalizing Processes in Aesthetic Appreciation: An ERP StudyBeudt, Susan; Jacobsen, Thomas 
2017Stability and variability in aesthetic experienceJacobsen, Thomas ; Beudt, Susan