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2013A novel methodology for the development of compliant mechanisms with application to feed unitsWulfsberg, Jens Peter ; Lammering, Rolf  ; Kong, Nanxi; Schuster, Thomas; Rösner, Malte ; Bauma, Elisabeth; Friedrich, Robert
2017Functional Integrated Feed-Units Based on Flexible Mechanisms in Small Machine Tools for Small WorkpiecesKong, Nanxi; Sanders, Adam ; Rösner, Malte ; Friedrich, Robert; Dirksen, Frank ; Bauma, Elisabeth; Schuster, Thomas; Lammering, Rolf  ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
2013Key features of flexure hinges used as rotational jointsKern, Dominik; Rösner, Malte ; Lammering, Rolf  ; Bauma, Elisabeth; Seemann, Wolfgang; Schuster, Thomas