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2016Characterization of Harmonic Emission of Individual Wind Turbines and PV Inverters based on Measurements Part IISantjer, Fritz; Nolopp, Klaus; Tentzerakis, Sokratis; Adloff, Stephan; Athamna, Issam; Muehlberg, Marko; Meyer, Marc Florian ; Jordan, Michael ; Klosse, Rainer; Kuech, Karsten; Ackermann, Florian; Meyer, Jan ; Domagk, Max; Pourarab, Morteza
2018Selection of Representative Electrical Grid Structures and Renewable Generation Units for Harmonic Emission MeasurementAthamna, Issam; Moghadam, Hasanali; Mühlberg, Marko; Grumm, Florian ; Meyer, Marc Florian ; Kaatz, Gesa ; Schulz, Detlef