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2020Aerodynamic Damping Analysis for Radial Turbine Featuring a Multichannel Casing DesignHassan, Ahmed Farid; Mueller, Tobias; Schatz, Markus ; Vogt, Damian
2020Design and optimization of turbomachinery components for parabolic dish solar hybrid micro gas turbineArifin, Maulana; Schatz, Markus ; Vogt, Damian
2020Fast Traveling Pneumatic Probes for Turbomachinery ApplicationsBrueggemann, Christoph; Badum, Lukas; Bauer, Maximilian; Schatz, Markus ; Vogt, Damian
2020Investigation of the Flow Field and the Pressure Recovery in a Gas Turbine Exhaust Diffuser at Design, Part-Load and Over-Load ConditionBauer, Maximilian; Hummel, Simon; Schatz, Markus ; Kegalj, Martin; Vogt, Damian
2020Performance and losses analysis for radial turbine featuring a multi-channel casing designHassan, Ahmed Farid; Schatz, Markus ; Vogt, Damian