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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2007Higher-band modulational instability in photonic latticesRüter, Christian E.; Wisniewski, Jürgen; Stepić, Milutin; Kip, Detlef 
2007Interaction of counterpropagating discrete solitons and nonlinear surface Tamm states in 1D waveguide arraysSmirnov, Eugene; Rüter, Christian; Stepić, Milutin; Kip, Detlef 
Mar-2007Interaction of counterpropagating discrete solitons in a nonlinear one-dimensional waveguide arraySmirnov, Eugene; Stepić, Milutin; Rüter, Christian E.; Shandarov, Vladimir; Kip, Detlef 
Jan-2011Linear and nonlinear light propagation at the interface of two homogeneous waveguide arraysKanshu, A.; Rüter, Christian E.; Kip, Detlef ; Beličev, Petra P.; Ilic, Igor; Stepić, Milutin; Shandarov, V. M.
Jul-2005Linear and Nonlinear Light Propagation in Lithium Niobate Waveguide ArraysChen, Feng; Stepić, Milutin; Rüter, Christian E.; Kip, Detlef 
Oct-2008Modulational instability and solitary waves in one-dimensional lattices with intensity-resonant nonlinearityStepić, Milutin; Maluckov, Aleksandra; Stojanović, Marija; Chen, Feng; Kip, Detlef 
Nov-2006Modulational instability in one-dimensional saturable waveguide arrays: Comparison with Kerr nonlinearityStepić, Milutin; Rüter, Christian E.; Kip, Detlef ; Maluckov, Aleksandra; Hadžievski, Ljupčo
2010Nonlinear effects in one-dimensional photonic latticesKip, Detlef ; Stepić, Milutin
2012Observation of discrete gap solitons in one-dimensional waveguide arrays with alternating spacings and saturable defocusing nonlinearityKanshu, A.; Rüter, Christian E.; Kip, Detlef ; Shandarov, V.; Beličev, Petra P.; Ilic, Igor; Stepić, Milutin
Jan-2006Observation of modulational instability in discrete media with self-defocusing nonlinearityStepić, Milutin; Wirth, Christian; Rüter, Christian E.; Kip, Detlef 
Aug-2006Observation of staggered surface solitary waves in one-dimensional waveguide arraysSmirnov, Eugene; Stepić, Milutin; Rüter, Christian E.; Kip, Detlef ; Shandarov, Vladimir
Jun-2004One-dimensional bright discrete solitons in media with saturable nonlinearityStepić, Milutin; Kip, Detlef ; Hadžievski, Ljupčo; Maluckov, Aleksandra
Jul-2004Power controlled soliton stability and steering in lattices with saturable nonlinearityHadžievski, Ljupčo; Maluckov, Aleksandra; Stepić, Milutin; Kip, Detlef 
Jun-2005Propagation of a light beam in lithium niobate waveguide arrays: From discrete diffraction to discrete self - FocusingChen, Feng; Kip, Detlef ; Shandarov, Vladimir; Runde, Daniel; Stepić, Milutin; Rüter, Christian
Jul-2008Reconfigurable optical channel waveguides in lithium niobate crystals produced by combination of low-dose O3+ ion implantation and selective white light illuminationTan, Yang; Chen, Feng; Stepić, Milutin; Shandarov, Vladimir; Kip, Detlef 
Jan-2007Saturable discrete vector solitons in one-dimensional photonic latticesVicencio, Rodrigo A.; Smirnov, Eugene; Rüter, Christian E.; Kip, Detlef ; Stepić, Milutin
Jan-2005Steering of bright discrete photovoltaic solitons in lithium niobate waveguide arraysStepić, Milutin; Shandarov, Vladimir; Maluckov, Aleksandra; Chen, Feng; Runde, Daniel; Rüter, Christian E.; Kip, Detlef 
2005Steering properties of bright discrete staggered solitons in photovoltaic photorefractive mediaMaluckov, Aleksandra; Hadžievski, Ljupčo; Stepić, Milutin; Kip, Detlef