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2016Application of generalized linear models to evaluate nuclear EMP testsFichte, Lars Ole ; Knoth, Sven ; Potthast, Stefan; Schaarschmidt, Martin; Sabath, Frank; Stiemer, Marcus 
2017Constructive Adjustment of Characteristic Parameters of a Mode-Stirred Reverberation Chamber for EMC Tests and Power SpectroscopySchlie, Claas Hendrik; Rozgic, Marco; Dudzinski, Michael; Schiffner, Julia; Barbary, Inès; Fichte, Lars Ole ; Storjohann, Jens; Hollan, Robert; Potthast, Stefan; Schaarschmidt, Martin; Sabath, Frank; Stiemer, Marcus 
2017Effects of Aperture Size on Q factor and Shielding Effectiveness of a Cubic ResonatorParr, Stefan; Fink, Stephan; Dickmann, Stefan ; Schaarschmidt, Martin
2016Measurement of the electric transient shielding effectiveness of acubic resonator in time and frequency domainParr, Stefan; Dickmann, Stefan ; Schaarschmidt, Martin
Open AccessJul-2018Power spectroscopy with electrical reverberation chambers for EMCStiemer, Marcus ; Fichte, Lars Ole ; Schlie, Claas Hendrik; Vierck, Christian; Potthast, Stefan; Schaarschmidt, Martin; Sabath, Frank; Wendt, Kai Uwe
2017Simulation based analysis of electric field distributions in small reverberation chambersBarbary, Inès; Schiffner, Julia; Rozgic, Marco; Hollan, Robert; Schlie, Claas Hendrik; Storjohann, Jens; Hagel, Michael ; Fichte, Lars Ole ; Potthast, Stefan; Schaarschmidt, Martin; Lange, Sebastian; Stiemer, Marcus