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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Functional Integrated Feed-Units Based on Flexible Mechanisms in Small Machine Tools for Small WorkpiecesKong, Nanxi; Sanders, Adam; Rösner, Malte; Friedrich, Robert; Dirksen, Frank; Bauma, Elisabeth; Schuster, Thomas; Lammering, Rolf; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
Jan-2014Group velocity of cylindrical guided waves in anisotropic laminate compositesGlushkov, Evgeny; Glushkova, Natalia; Eremin, Artem; Lammering, Rolf
2017Guided elastic waves in CFRP plates with random material propertiesZimmermann, Eugen; Eremin, Artem; Lammering, Rolf
2019Guided ultrasonic waves in glass laminate aluminium reinforced epoxyRennoch, Marcel; Koerdt, Michael; Hermann, Axel Siegfried; Rauter, Natalie ; Lammering, Rolf
2019Guided wave time-reversal imaging of macroscopic localized inhomogeneities in anisotropic compositesEremin, Artem; Glushkov, Evgeny; Glushkova, Natalia; Lammering, Rolf
2013Identification and avoidance of systematic measurement errors in lamb wave observation with one-dimensional scanning laser vibrometryNeumann, Mirko N.; Hennings, Bianca; Lammering, Rolf
2017Interaction of elastic guided waves with localized three-dimensional thickness changes in plate-like metallic structuresEremin, Artem; Glushkov, Evgeny; Glushkova, Natalia; Lammering, Rolf
2007Investigation on piezoelectrically induced Lamb wave generation and propagationEnde, Sven von; Lammering, Rolf
2018Investigation on the influence of material interfaces and impedance changes on the propagation of guided waves in laminated steel layersRittmeier, Liv; Losch, Tobias; Sinapius, Michael; Lammering, Rolf
2019Lamb wave scattering, conversion and resonances in an elastic layered waveguide with a surface-bonded rectangular blockGolub, Mikhail V.; Eremin, Artem; Shpak, Alisa N.; Lammering, Rolf
2017Localization of inhomogeneities in an elastic plate using the time reversal methodEremin, Artem; Glushkov, Evgeny; Glushkova, Natalia; Lammering, Rolf
Open Access2011Migrationsbasierte Lokalisierung von Schadensereignissen und Schäden in flächigen anisotropen StrukturenUngethüm, Andy
Open Access2016Modellierung und Optimierung nachgiebiger Mechanismen auf Basis elastischer Festkörpergelenke mit Hilfe von nichtlinearen Finiten BalkenelementenFriedrich, Robert
Open Access2004Modellierung von flachen piezoelektrischen Schalen mit zuverlässigen finiten ElementenMesecke-Rischmann, Simone
Open Access2013Non-intuitive Design of Compliant Mechanisms Possessing Optimized Flexure HingesDirksen, Frank
2018Numerical calibration of direct current potential drop measuring: A comparison of FEM- and Bayesian filtering-based approachesBerg, Thomas; Ende, Sven von; Lammering, Rolf
2010Observation of Piezoelectrically Induced Lamb Wave Propagation in Thin Plates by Use of Speckle InterferometryLammering, Rolf
2017On the identification of cohesive parameters for printed metal-polymer interfacesHeinrich, Felix; Langner, Hauke H.; Lammering, Rolf
Open Access2018On the Mechanics of Printed Electronics: Experimental and Numerical Investigations Using Cohesive Zone ModelsHeinrich, Felix
2011On the thermodynamically consistent fractional wave equation for viscoelastic solidsEnde, Sven von; Lion, Alexander; Lammering, Rolf