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2006A Comparative Study of the Turbulent Flow Over a Periodic Arrangement of Smoothly Contoured HillsBreuer, Michael ; Jaffrézic, Benoit; Peller, Nikolaus; Manhart, Michael; Fröhlich, Jochen; Hinterberger, Christof; Rodi, Wolfgang; Deng, G.; Chikhaoui, Oussama; Sanjin, Šarić; Jakirlić, Suad
2007Evaluation of Detached Eddy Simulations for Predicting the Flow Over Periodic HillsŠarić, Sanjin; akirlić, Suad; Breuer, Michael ; Jaffrézic, Benoit; Deng, G.; Chikhaoui, Oussama; Fröhlich, Jochen; Terzi, Dominic von; Manhart, Michael; Peller, Nikolaus
2009Hybrid LES-RANS-coupling for complex flows with separationBreuer, Michael ; Aybay, Orhan; Jaffrézic, Benoit; Visonneau, Michel; Deng, Ganbo; Guilmineau, Emmanuel; Chikhaoui, Oussama
2007Towards Hybrid LES–RANS–Coupling for Complex Flows with SeparationJaffrézic, Benoit; Breuer, Michael ; Chikhaoui, Oussama; Deng, G.; Visonneau, Michel