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20081D photonic lattices optically induced in planar waveguides and bulk lithium niobate samples using projection techniqueGusev, A.; Kanshu, A.; Shandarova, K.; Shandarov, V.; Kip, D. ; Rüter, C. E.; Chen, F.; Tan, Y.
Dec-2008Dark photovoltaic spatial solitons in a planar waveguide obtained by proton implantation in lithium niobateKruglov, V. G.; Shandarov, V. M.; Tan, Ya; Chen, F.; Kip, Detlef 
2009Dark-soliton-induced channel waveguide elements in ion-implanted planar waveguides in LiNbO₃Kruglov, V.; Shandarov, V.; Kip, D. ; Rüter, C. E.; Chen, F.; Tan, Y.
Jan-2008Discrete diffraction of light in optically induced bulk and planar photonic superlattices in photorefractive lithium niobateGusev, A. V.; Kanshu, A. V.; Shandarova, K. V.; Shandarov, V. M.; Smirnov, E. V.; Kip, Detlef ; Rüter, Christian E.; Tan, Y.; Chen, F.
2004Discrete solitons in photorefractive nonlinear waveguide arraysChen, F.; Stepic, M.; Runde, D.; Rüter, C. E.; Kip, D. ; Shandarov, V.
2009Gap solitons in defocusing lithium niobate waveguide arrays fabricated by proton implantation and selective light illuminationTan, Y.; Chen, F.; Belicev, P. P.; Stepic, M.; Maluckov, A.; Kip, D. 
2009Lattice solitons in waveguide arrays with intensity-resonant nonlinearityStepic, M.; Maluckov, A.; Chen, F.; Kip, D. 
Jan-2004Modulational instability on triangular dynamical lattices with long-range interactions and dispersionStepić, M.; Maluckov, A.; Hadžievski, Lj; Chen, F.; Runde, D.; Kip, Detlef 
2009Observation of spatial gap solitons in one-dimensional distorted optically-induced photorefractive photonic latticesShandarov, V.; Shandarova, K.; Kip, D. ; Rüter, C. E.; Chen, F.; Tan, Y.
2013Precision-dicing of Nd:YAG ridge waveguides: A new platform for efficient integrated lasersRüter, C. E.; Kip, Detlef ; Jia, Y.; Chen, F.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Zhou, S.