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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Changing the dehydrogenation pathway of LiBH4MgH2via nanosized lithiated TiO2Puszkiel, Julián A.; Castro Riglos, Maria Victoria; Karimi, Fahim; Santoru, Antonio; Pistidda, Claudio; Klassen, Thomas ; Bellosta von Colbe, José M.; Dornheim, Martin
2020Conversion of magnesium waste into a complex magnesium hydride system: Mg(NH2)2LiHCao, Hujun; Pistidda, Claudio; Castro Riglos, Maria Victoria; Chaudhary, Anna-Lisa; Capurso, Giovanni; Tseng, Jo-Chi; Puszkiel, Julián A.; Wharmby, Michael T.; Gemming, Thomas; Klassen, Thomas ; Dornheim, Martin
2020Improved kinetic behaviour of Mg(NH2)2-2LiH doped with nanostructured K-modified-LixTiyOz for hydrogen storageGizer, Gökhan; Puszkiel, Julián A.; Castro Riglos, Maria Victoria; Pistidda, Claudio; Ramallo-López, José Martín; Mizrahi, Martin; Santoru, Antonio; Gemming, Thomas; Tseng, Jo-Chi; Klassen, Thomas ; Dornheim, Martin