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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Metal hydrides for concentrating solar thermal power energy storageSheppard, Drew A.; Paskevicius, Mark; Humphries, Terry D.; Felderhoff, Michael; Capurso, Giovanni; Bellosta von Colbe, José M.; Dornheim, Martin; Klassen, Thomas ; Ward, Patrick A.; Teprovich, Joseph A.; Corgnale, Claudio; Zidan, R.; Grant, David M.; Buckley, Craig E.
2016Optimization and comprehensive characterization of metal hydride based hydrogen storage systems using in-situ Neutron RadiographyBörries, Stefan; Metz, Oliver; Pranzas, P. Klaus; Bellosta von Colbe, José M.; Bücherl, Thomas; Dornheim, Martin; Klassen, Thomas ; Schreyer, Andreas K.
13-Nov-2013Sorption behavior of the MgH2Mg2FeH6 hydride storage system synthesized by mechanical milling followed by sinteringPuszkiel, Julián A.; Gennari, Fabiana C.; Larochette, Pierre Arneodo; Karimi, Fahim; Pistidda, Claudio; Gosalawit-Utke, Rapee; Jepsen, Julian ; Jensen, Torben René; Gundlach, Carsten; Bellosta von Colbe, José M.; Klassen, Thomas ; Dornheim, Martin