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1-Mar-2021No-Flow Fraction (NFF) Permeability Model for Rough Fractures Under Normal StressJavanmard, Hoda; Ebigbo, Anozie ; Walsh, Stuart D.C.; Saar, Martin O.; Vogler, Daniel
1-Jan-2022Numerical analysis and optimization of the performance of CO₂-Plume Geothermal (CPG) production wells and implications for electric power generationEzekiel, Justin; Adams, Benjamin M.; Saar, Martin O.; Ebigbo, Anozie 
1-Sep-2022Relating Darcy-Scale Chemical Reaction Order to Pore-Scale Spatial HeterogeneityHuang, Po Wei; Flemisch, Bernd; Qin, Chao Zhong; Saar, Martin O.; Ebigbo, Anozie 
1-Oct-2021Sensitivity of reservoir and operational parameters on the energy extraction performance of combined co2-egr–cpg systemsEzekiel, Justin; Kumbhat, Diya Sunil ; Ebigbo, Anozie ; Adams, Benjamin M.; Saar, Martin O.
1-Dec-2020Synchrotron-based pore-network modeling of two-phase flow in Nubian Sandstone and implications for capillary trapping of carbon dioxideHefny, Mahmoud; Qin, Chao Zhong; Saar, Martin O.; Ebigbo, Anozie 
1-Nov-2022Techno-economic performance optimization of hydrothermal doublet systems: Application to the Al Wajh basin, Western Saudi ArabiaEzekiel, Justin; Ebigbo, Anozie ; Arifianto, Indra; Daniilidis, Alexandros; Finkbeiner, Thomas; Mai, P. Martin
1-Mar-2021The relevance of microbial processes in geo-energy applicationsEbigbo, Anozie ; Gregory, Simon P.
24-Aug-2023Validating the Nernst–Planck transport model under reaction-driven flow conditions using RetroPy v1.0Huang, Po-Wei; Flemisch, Bernd; Qin, Chao-Zhong; Saar, Martin O.; Ebigbo, Anozie