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202031. 2020 Management-Revue
2014Anforderungen an Spitzenf√ľhrungskr√§fte: Retrospektive und Perspektive ; Replikation einer empirischen UntersuchungMatiaske, Wenzel ; Holtmann, Doris ; Fietze, Simon 
2019Corporate Responsibility In the Dilemma between Fake and Trust?Matiaske, Wenzel ; Fietze, Simon 
2017Digital Working Life: Some Introductory ReflectionsOttosson, Mikael; Fietze, Simon ; Matiaske, Wenzel 
2016Dimensions and perspectives on financial participation in Europe
2016Employee share ownership in Germany: A cluster analysis of firms aimsOrtlieb, Renate; Matiaske, Wenzel ; Fietze, Simon 
2016Financial participation in Germany: Management's and works councils' viewFietze, Simon ; Matiaske, Wenzel ; Tobsch, Verena
2017Human Resources, Labour Relations and Organizations: A European perspective
Jan-2018Introduction: Digital working life continuationOttosson, Mikael; Matiaske, Wenzel ; Fietze, Simon 
2018Introduction: Digital Working Life ContinuationOttosson, Mikael; Matiaske, Wenzel ; Fietze, Simon 
2020Paternalistic Work RegimesMatiaske, Wenzel ; Ottosson, Mikael; Fietze, Simon 
2017Pourquoi pas?: Rational choice as a basic theory of HRMMatiaske, Wenzel 
2020[Special Issue] What Makes a Job Good or Bad?: Standards of Good Work Revisited
2018Wenzel Matiaske zum 60. - eine Lobudelei in 39 Versen?Fietze, Simon ; Holtmann, Doris ; Schramm, Florian
2020What Makes a Job Good or Bad?: Standards of Good Work RevisitedAlewell, Dorothea; Matiaske, Wenzel ; Fietze, Simon