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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Sandgrain roughness model for rough walls within Eulerian-Lagrangian predictions of turbulent flowsBreuer, Michael ; Alletto, Michael; Langfeldt, Felix
2000Selected Applications: Fluid DynamicsSchäfer, Frank; Breuer, Michael ; Teitzel, C.
2002Semi–Direct Numerical Simulation of a Czochralski Melt Flow on High–Performance ComputersEnger, Sven; Schäfer, Frank; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
Oct-2001Separated flow around a flat plate at high incidence: an LES investigationBreuer, Michael ; Joviĉić, Nikola
2004Separated Flow Past An Airfoil at High Angle of Attack: LES Predictions and AnalysisJovicic, Nikola; Breuer, Michael 
1997Simulation of the Flow Past a Circular Cylinder Using Local Block RefinementLange, Carlos F.; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
1990Solution of the 3-D, Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations for the Simulation of Vortex BreakdownBreuer, Michael ; Hänel, Dieter
26-Mar-2017Source term based synthetic turbulence inflow generator for eddy-resolving predictions of an airfoil flow including a laminar separation bubbleSchmidt, Stephan; Breuer, Michael 
Jan-1997Status of large eddy simulation: Results of a workshopRodi, Wolfgang; Ferziger, Joel H.; Breuer, Michael ; Pourquié, Mathieu
1999Steady and unsteady computations of turbulent flows induced by a 4/45° pitched-blade impellerWechsler, Klaus; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
Open Access2017Steigerung der Energie- und Kosteneffizienz bei der Abwärmenutzung durch Optimierung von Strukturrohren in RohrbündelwärmeübertragernHarleß, Alexandra
2023Surrogate-based optimization for the worst-case prediction regarding a flexible structure impacted by wind gustsDe Nayer, Guillaume ; Breuer, Michael 
Apr-2019Systematic evaluation of the interface description for fluid–structure interaction simulations using the isogeometric mortar-based mappingApostolatos, Andreas; De Nayer, Guillaume ; Bletzinger, Kai Uwe; Breuer, Michael ; Wüchner, Roland
25-May-2009The dynamics of the transitional flow over a backward-facing stepSchäfer, Frank; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
Jan-2006The flow field in the mill - a key factor for the prediction of the comminution resultToneva, Petya; Peukert, Wolfgang; Wirth, Karl Ernst; Epple, Philipp; Breuer, Michael 
2023The Paddle: A Novel Procedure for Artificial Gust Generation in a Wind TunnelWood, Jens Nikolas ; Breuer, Michael 
2000Three-dimensional simulation of flow and thermal field in a Czochralski melt using a block-structured finite-volume methodBasu, Biswajit; Enger, Sven; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
Nov-2011Three-phase coupling of air, droplets and fibers for the spray molding manufacturing process of polyurethane-fiber-reinforced compositesDiffo Nkuété, Joseph Patrick; Wulf, Peter; Breuer, Michael 
2010Time-dependent three-dimensional simulation of the turbulent flow and heat transfer in czochralski crystal growth including the three-phase boundary movementRaufeisen, Alexander; Breuer, Michael ; Botsch, Tilmann W.; Delgado, Antonio
2019Towards a deterministic composite collision outcome model for surface-tension dominated dropletsAlmohammed, Naser; Breuer, Michael