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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Improving prediction of aerosol deposition in an idealized mouth using Large-Eddy SimulationMatida, Edgar A.; Finlay, Warren H.; Breuer, Michael ; Lange, Carlos F.
Open Access2022Increasing the safety of rescue workers in fire events by merging fire simulations, structural models, and artificial intelligenceWeber, Wolfgang ; Kandekar, Chaitanya Sharad ; Rottmann, Max Georg ; Breuer, Michael ; Palani, Arulnambi ; Niggemann, Oliver ; Liebert, Artur 
2017Influence of a cost–efficient Langevin subgrid-scale model on the dispersed phase of large–eddy simulations of turbulent bubble–laden and particle–laden flowsBreuer, Michael ; Hoppe, Felix 
Jun-2009Influence of boundary layer on supersonic cavity flow dynamicsTogiti, Vamshi; Breuer, Michael ; Longo, José
2023Influence of free-stream turbulence on the boundary layer stability of a wind turbine airfoil and near wakeFava, Thales C. L.; Lobo, Brandon A.; Nogueira, P. A. S.; Schaffarczyk, Alois P.; Breuer, Michael ; Henningson, Dan S.; Hanifi, Ardeshir
1999Integrated Particle Tracing within a Parallel Multiblock Flow Simulation Program : Validation and ApplicationSchäfer, Frank; Breuer, Michael 
Open Access2023Investigation Into Boundary Layer Transition on a Wind Turbine Airfoil Using Wall-Resolved Large-Eddy Simulations and Modeled Inflow TurbulenceLobo, Brandon Arthur
10-May-2022Investigation into boundary layer transition using wall-resolved large-eddy simulations and modeled inflow turbulenceLobo, Brandon Arthur; Schaffarczyk, Alois Peter; Breuer, Michael 
29-Jun-2022Laminar-to-Turbulent Transition of Pipe Flows Triggered by Wall-Mounted, Ring-Type ObstaclesDurst, Franz; Breuer, Michael ; Ünsal, Bülent; Haddad, Kais
1999Large Eddy Simulation of High Reynolds Number Circular Cylinder FlowBreuer, Michael 
Dec-1998Large eddy simulation of the subcritical flow past a circular cylinder: Numerical and modeling aspectsBreuer, Michael 
2003Large-Eddy and Detached-Eddy Simulation of the Flow Around High-Lift ConfigurationsBreuer, Michael ; Jovicic, Nikola; Mazaev, Kirill
Jan-2015Large-eddy simulation of a FSI-induced oscillation test case in turbulent flowMünsch, Manuel; Delgado, Antonio; Breuer, Michael 
1996Large-Eddy Simulation of Complex Turbulent Flows of Practical InterestBreuer, Michael ; Rodi, Wolfgang
1996Large-Eddy simulation of internal and external turbulent flowsBreuer, Michael ; Pourquié, Mathieu; Rodi, Wolfgang
Jan-2013Large-eddy simulation of the particle-laden turbulent flow in a cyclone separatorAlletto, Michael; Breuer, Michael 
2010Large-eddy simulation of three-dimensional cavity flow using a time-conservative finite-volume methodAybay, Orhan; Breuer, Michael ; He, Li
1994Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow through a Straight Square Duct and a 180 degree BendBreuer, Michael ; Rodi, Wolfgang
2006LES and an Efficient Lagrangian Tracking Method for Predicting Aerosol Deposition in Turbulent FlowsBreuer, Michael ; Durmus, Gokhan; Matida, Edgar Akio; Finlay, Warren H
2007LES and DNS of melt flow and heat transfer in czochralski crystal growthRaufeisen, Alexander; Breuer, Michael ; Kumar, V.; Botsch, Tilmann W.; Durst, Franz