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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Effect of crystal rotation on the three-dimensional mixed convection in the oxide melt for Czochralski growthBasu, Biswajit; Enger, Sven; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
2002Effect of high rotation rates on the laminar flow around a circular cylinderStojković, Dragan; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
2018Effect of Inflow Turbulence on an Airfoil Flow with Laminar Separation Bubble: An LES StudyBreuer, Michael 
2019Effect of inflow turbulence on LES of an airfoil flow with laminar separation bubbleBreuer, Michael ; Schmidt, Stephan 
2013Effect of wall roughness seen by particles in turbulent channel and pipe flowsBreuer, Michael ; Alletto, Michael 
2012Efficient simulation of particle-laden turbulent flows with high mass loadings using LESBreuer, Michael ; Alletto, Michael 
2018Enhanced injection method for synthetically generated turbulence within the flow domain of eddy-resolving simulationsDe Nayer, Guillaume ; Schmidt, Stephan ; Wood, Jens Nikolas ; Breuer, Michael 
Open Access2016Entwicklung einer hybriden LES-URANS-Methode für die Simulation interner und externer turbulenter StrömungenSchmidt, Stephan 
Open Access2014Entwicklung und Anwendung einer Simulationstechnik für das Polyurethan-Faser-SprühverfahrenDiffo Nkuété, Joseph Patrick
Open Access2020Euler-Lagrange Simulationen von turbulenten, blasenbeladenen Strömungen unter Berücksichtigung von Koaleszenz und AufbrechenHoppe, Felix 
2017Euler-Lagrange Simulations of Turbulent Two-phase Flows with an Advanced Deterministic Bubble Coalescence ModelBreuer, Michael ; Hoppe, Felix 
2017Euler-Lagrange Simulations of Turbulent Two-Phase Flows with an Advanced Deterministic Bubble Coalscence ModelHoppe, Felix ; Breuer, Michael 
Feb-2022Evolution of jets during drop impact on a deep liquid poolDas, Santanu Kumar; Dalal, Amaresh; Breuer, Michael ; Biswas, Gautam
2017Experimental detection of laminar-turbulent transition on a rotating wind turbine blade in the free atmosphereSchaffarczyk, Alois Peter; Schwab, Daniela; Breuer, Michael 
1-Jul-2016Experimental Investigation and Large-Eddy Simulation of the Turbulent Flow past a Smooth and Rigid HemisphereWood, Jens Nikolas ; De Nayer, Guillaume ; Schmidt, Stephan ; Breuer, Michael 
2016Experimental investigation of heat transfer and friction characteristic of fully developed gas flow in single-start and three-start corrugated tubesHarleß, Alexandra; Franz, Eberhard; Breuer, Michael 
2020Experimental investigations on the dynamic behavior of a 2-DOF airfoil in the transitional Re number regime based on digital-image correlation measurementsWood, Jens Nikolas ; Breuer, Michael ; De Nayer, Guillaume 
Open Access2015Experimental investigations on vortex-induced fluid-structure interaction benchmarks and corresponding numerical RANS predictionsKalmbach, Andreas 
Oct-2013Experimental PIV/V3V measurements of vortex-induced fluid-structure interaction in turbulent flow-A new benchmark FSI-PfS-2aKalmbach, Andreas ; Breuer, Michael 
2018Experimental studies on the instantaneous fluidstructure interaction of an air-inflated flexible membrane in turbulent flowWood, Jens Nikolas ; Breuer, Michael ; De Nayer, Guillaume