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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2023Data-driven ANN approach for binary agglomerate collisions including breakage and agglomerationKhalifa, Ali Ahmad ; Breuer, Michael 
2020Data-driven model for the breakage of dry monodisperse agglomerates by wall impact applicable for multiphase flow simulationsBreuer, Michael ; Khalifa, Ali Ahmad 
Jan-2010Detached-Eddy and delayed detached-eddy simulation of supersonic flow over a three-dimensional cavityTogiti, Vamshi; Lüdeke, Heinrich; Breuer, Michael 
2010Detached-eddy simulation of supersonic flow past cylindrical Aft body with and without base bleedTogiti, Vamshi; Breuer, Michael ; Lüdeke, Heinrich
Oct-2010Detached-eddy simulation of supersonic separated flowsTogiti, Vamshi; Breuer, Michael ; Longo, José
2004Development of Wall Models for LES Based on Nonlinear Stochastic EstimationAbel, Markus; Stojkovic, Dragan; Breuer, Michael 
2006Development of Wall Models for LES of Separated FlowsBreuer, Michael ; Kniazev, Boris; Abel, Markus
Jun-2007Development of wall models for LES of separated flows using statistical evaluationsBreuer, Michael ; Kniazev, Boris; Abel, Markus
2008Direct numerical simulation of turbulent flow over dimples - Code optimization for NEC SX-8 plus flow resultsBreuer, Michael ; Lammers, P.; Zeiser, Thomas; Hager, Georg; Wellein, Gerhard
2008DNS of rotating buoyancy- and surface tension-driven flowRaufeisen, Alexander; Breuer, Michael ; Botsch, Tilmann W.
2008Drag reduction by dimples? - A complementary experimental/numerical investigationLienhart, Hermann; Breuer, Michael ; Köksoy, Cagatay
2020Dynamic wake meandering model calibration using nacelle–mounted lidar systemsReinwardt, Inga; Schilling, Levin; Dalhoff, Peter; Steudel, Dirk; Breuer, Michael 
2010Dynamics of Finite Fibers Exposed to a Spray Field in the Polyurethane–Fiber–Reinforced Composite Spray Molding Manufacturing ProcessDiffo, Patrick; Wulf, Peter; Olawsky, Ferdinand; Hietel, Dietmar; Breuer, Michael 
2001Effect of crystal rotation on the three-dimensional mixed convection in the oxide melt for Czochralski growthBasu, Biswajit; Enger, Sven; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
2002Effect of high rotation rates on the laminar flow around a circular cylinderStojković, Dragan; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
2018Effect of Inflow Turbulence on an Airfoil Flow with Laminar Separation Bubble: An LES StudyBreuer, Michael 
2019Effect of inflow turbulence on LES of an airfoil flow with laminar separation bubbleBreuer, Michael ; Schmidt, Stephan
2013Effect of wall roughness seen by particles in turbulent channel and pipe flowsBreuer, Michael ; Alletto, Michael
Jun-2023Effects of Threadlike Roughness on a High-Slenderness Finned Projectile at Supersonic SpeedsMichalski, Sebastian; Hruschka, Robert; Klatt, Daniel; Bastide, Myriam; Breuer, Michael 
2012Efficient simulation of particle-laden turbulent flows with high mass loadings using LESBreuer, Michael ; Alletto, Michael