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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2012Numerical simulation of particle-laden turbulent flows using LESBreuer, Michael ; Alletto, Michael
2018Numerical studies on the instantaneous fluid–structure interaction of an air-inflated flexible membrane in turbulent flowDe Nayer, Guillaume ; Apostolatos, Andreas; Wood, Jens Nikolas ; Bletzinger, Kai Uwe; Wüchner, Roland; Breuer, Michael 
Aug-2023Numerical study of the hydrodynamic stability of a wind-turbine airfoil with a laminar separation bubble under free-stream turbulenceFava, Thales C. L.; Lobo, Brandon A.; Nogueira, P.A.S; Schaffarczyk, Alois P.; Breuer, Michael ; Henningson, Dan S.; Hanifi, Ardeshir
2000Numerical study of three-dimensional mixed convection due to buoyancy and centrifugal force in an oxide melt for Czochralski growthEnger, Sven; Basu, Biswajit; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
2017Numerical two-phase simulations of the propagation of an evaporating extinguising agent for optimal fire suppressionStapel, Waldemar; Breuer, Michael 
1991Numerische Lösung der Navier–Stokes–Gleichungen für dreidimensionale inkompressible instationäre Strömungen zur Simulation des WirbelaufplatzensBreuer, Michael 
2002Numerische Simulation von Fluid-Struktur-Interaktionen mit einem partitlonierten Ansatz: Methodik und Anwendungen aus dem BauwesenGlück, Markus; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz; Halfmann, Ansgar; Rank, Ernst
May-1988On the Computation of Transonic Viscous FlowsHänel, Dieter; Breuer, Michael 
6-Mar-2023On the laminar–turbulent transition mechanism on megawatt wind turbine blades operating in atmospheric flowLobo, Brandon Arthur; Özçakmak, Özge Sinem; Madsen, Helge Aagaard; Schaffarczyk, Alois Peter; Breuer, Michael ; Sørensen, Niels N.
Jan-2003On the new vortex shedding mode past a rotating circular cylinderStojković, Dragan; Schön, Peter; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
2022On the Stability and Transition to Turbulence of the Flow over a Wind-Turbine Airfoil under Varying Free-Stream Turbulence IntensityFava, Thales C. L.; Lobo, Brandon A.; Schaffarczyk, Alois P.; Breuer, Michael ; Hanifi, Ardeshir; Henningson, Dan S.
2012One-way, two-way and four-way coupled LES predictions of a particle-laden turbulent flow at high mass loading downstream of a confined bluff bodyAlletto, Michael; Breuer, Michael 
Nov-2010Optimization of the angle of attack of delta-winglet vortex generators in a plate-fin-and-tube heat exchangerLemouedda, A.; Breuer, Michael ; Franz, Eberhard; Botsch, Tilmann W.; Delgado, Antonio
2009Pareto Optimization of Heat Transfer Enhancement of Finned–Tube Heat Exchangers with Delta–Winglet Vortex Generators,Lemouedda, A.; Breuer, Michael ; Franz, E.
2017Particle agglomeration in turbulent flows: A LES investigation based on a deterministic collision and agglomeration modelBreuer, Michael ; Almohammed, Naser
2018Particle-Image Velocimetry and the Assignment ProblemButz, Franz-Friedrich; Fügenschuh, Armin; Wood, Jens Nikolas ; Breuer, Michael 
Jan-2006Prediction of aerosol deposition in 90o bends using LES and an efficient Lagrangian tracking methodBreuer, Michael ; Baytekin, H. Tarik; Matida, Edgar A.
2007Prediction of Flow and Heat Transfer in a Czochralski Crucible using LES with Interface TrackingRaufeisen, A.; Botsch, Tobias; Kumar, Vivek; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
2010Prediction of the three-phase boundary movement in Czochralski crystal growthRaufeisen, Alexander; Breuer, Michael ; Botsch, Tilmann W.; Delgado, Antonio
1-Oct-2013Prediction of turbulent particle-laden flow in horizontal smooth and rough pipes inducing secondary flowAlletto, Michael; Breuer, Michael