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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open Access2017Capturing and Exploiting Plant Topology and Process Information as a Basis to Support Engineering and Operational Activities in Process PlantsArroyo Esquivel, Esteban 
Mar-2022Challenges in Automated Commercial Aircraft ProductionGehlhoff, Felix ; Nabizada, Hamied ; Weigand, Maximilian ; Beers, Lasse ; Ismail, Omar ; Wenzel, Alexander; Fay, Alexander ; Nyhuis, Peter; Lagutin, Wladislav; Röhrig, Martin
2018Charakteristik intelligenter Objekte in einer digitalisierten LogistikLewin, Marcus ; Fay, Alexander 
2020Choreographies in Microservice-Based Automation Architectures : Next Level of Flexibility for Industrial Cyber-Physical SystemsStutz, Andreas; Fay, Alexander ; Barth, Mike; Maurmaier, Mathias
2021Clustering of Similar Historical Alarm Subsequences in Industrial Control Systems Using Alarm Series and Characteristic CoactivationsManca, Gianluca; Dix, Marcel; Fay, Alexander 
2021Communication of energy data in automation systemsReiche, Leif-Thore ; Runge, Maxim; Niemann, Karl-Heinz; Fay, Alexander 
2021Comparison and Alignment of OPAS and MTP Concepts – Standardization of open process automation systemsBlumenstein, Michelle ; Fay, Alexander ; Stutz, Andreas; Maurmaier, Mathias; Barth, Maike
Open Access2022Computerized RefurbishmentGärtner, Frank ; List, Alexander ; Nielsen, Sören ; Wu, Hongjian ; Arabgol, Zahra ; Wiehler, Levke ; Gutiérrez de Frutos, Julio ; Huang, Chunjie ; Klassen, Thomas ; Lewke, Marcel ; Fay, Alexander ; Rashikbhai Gabani, Dhruvit; Gibmeier, Jens; Pundt, Astrid; Werner, Tiago; Hilgenberg, Kai; Madia, Marco; Böllinghaus, Thomas; Holzgaßner, Leonhard; Richter, Peter; Clausing, Nils; Loitz, Henry; Keuter, Philipp; Baben, Moritz to; Steierl, Markus; Schimbäck, David Erich; Rösler, Thorsten; Debuch, Holger; Gartner, Thomas
2016Concept and development of a semantic based data hub betweenprocess design and automation system engineering toolsGhobadi-Bigvand, Pouria ; Fay, Alexander ; Drath, Rainer; Rodriguez Carrion, Pablo
2022Concept for a U-Space Compliant UAS-Flight Authorization Service : The Flight Authorization and Activation ProcessGrebner, Tobias ; Fay, Alexander 
2022Concept for extending the Module Type Package with energy management functionalitiesReiche, Leif-Thore ; Fay, Alexander 
2022Constrained Control for Heterogeneous Vehicle PlatoonsSeeland, Felix ; Miekautsch, Fritz; Fay, Alexander ; Horn, Joachim 
2021Constraint Checking of Skills using SHACLKöcher, Aljosha ; Vieira da Silva, Luis Miguel ; Fay, Alexander 
2019Context-sensitive reconfiguration of collaborative manufacturing systemsCaesar, Birte ; Nieke, Michael; Köcher, Aljosha ; Hildebrandt, Constantin ; Seidl, Christoph; Fay, Alexander ; Schäfer, Ina
2013Control design for nodes in decentralized traffic networks with delayed traffic informationWior, Ireneus; Aligoudarz, Mohsen Mirza; Fay, Alexander 
2020Control of Heterogeneous Platoons Using a Delay-Based Spacing PolicyHorn, Joachim ; Seeland, Felix ; Miekautsch, Fritz; Fay, Alexander 
2022Convolutional Kernel-Based Transformation and Clustering of Similar Industrial Alarm FloodsManca, Gianluca; Dix, Marcel; Fay, Alexander 
2022Coordination of Modular Packaging Lines Using Automation Service ChoreographiesBlumenstein, Michelle ; Stutz, Andreas; Fay, Alexander ; Barth, Mike; Maurmaier, Mathias
2022Creating Virtual Knowledge Graphs from Software-Internal DataWeigand, Maximilian ; Fay, Alexander 
2015Cross-Domain Energy Savings by Means of Unified Energy AgentsLinnenberg, Tobias ; Derksen, Christian; Fay, Alexander ; Unland, Rainer