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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Special issue: Modellbasierte Verfahren in der Automation von Produktionsanlagen
1-Jan-2018State-based control of process services within modular process plantsBloch, Claus Henry ; Hensel, Stephan; Hoernicke, Mario; Stark, Katharina; Menschner, Anna; Fay, Alexander ; Urbas, Leon; Knohl, Torsten; Bernshausen, Jens
2018Step-based evolution support among networked production automation systemsHaubeck, Christopher; Bornholdt, Heiko; Lamersdorf, Wilfried; Chakraborty, Abhishek ; Fay, Alexander 
2017Steuerungsengineering für Prozessmodule: Standardkonforme Modulbeschreibung automatisch erstellenHörnicke, Mario; Knohl, Torsten; Bernshausen, Jens; Bloch, Claus Henry ; Hahn, Anna; Hensel, Stephan; Haller, Axel; Fay, Alexander ; Urbas, Leon
2022Strategisches Drohnenverkehrsmanagement: Konzept für eine automatisierte Fluggenehmigung und -freigabe von DrohnenflügenGrebner, Tobias ; Fay, Alexander 
2015Structure and classification of unified energy agents as a base for the systematic development of future energy gridsDerksen, Christian; Linnenberg, Tobias ; Unland, Rainer; Fay, Alexander 
2018Strukturierte Modellierung von ValidierungsregelnSieber, Christoph ; Bloch, Claus Henry ; Glawe, Matthias ; Fay, Alexander ; Urbas, Leon; Hensel, Stephan
2015Supporting Commissioning of Production Plants by Model-Based Testing and Model LearningLadiges, Jan ; Fay, Alexander ; Haubeck, Christopher; Lamersdorf, Winfried; Lity, Sascha; Schaefer, Ina
2015Supporting plant disturbance analysis by dynamic causal digraphs and propagation look-up tablesArroyo, Esteban ; Fay, Alexander ; Chioua, Moncef; Hoernicke, Mario
2013System and method for the automatic verification of planning resultsFay, Alexander ; Drath, Rainer
2015Systematic interdisciplinary reuse within the engineering of automated plantsSchröck, Sebastian; Fay, Alexander ; Jäger, Tobias 
2016Systematic reuse of interdisciplinary components supported by engineering relationsSchröck, Sebastian; Zimmer, Florian; Fay, Alexander ; Jäger, Tobias 
2019Systematische Einführung von Industrie 4.0 für den MittelstandEl Sakka, Feras; Busert, Timo ; Fay, Alexander 
2016Systematization approach for the adaptation of manufacturing machinesHoang, Xuan Luu ; Fay, Alexander ; Marks, Philipp; Weyrich, Michael
27-Nov-2017Test- und Verifikationsverfahren für Agentensysteme – Status Quo und weitere HerausforderungenWassermann, Erik ; Fay, Alexander 
2022The Asset Administration Shell as a solution concept for the realisation of interoperable Digital Twins of Aircraft Components in Maintenance, Repair and OverhaulWinkler, Dietmar; Gill, Milapji Singh ; Fay, Alexander 
2022The Correction of the Nozzle-Bed-Distance in Robotic Curved Layer Fused Deposition Modeling with ULTEM 9085Mewes, Gian Frederik; Höfer, Raphael ; Fay, Alexander 
2021The Correction of the Nozzle-Bed-Distance in Robotic Fused Deposition ModelingMewes, Gian Frederik; Fay, Alexander 
2020The development of a digital twin for machining processes for the application in aerospace industryHänel, Albrecht; Schnellhardt, Thorben; Wenkler, Eric; Nestler, Andreas; Brosius, Alexander; Corinth, Christian; Fay, Alexander ; Ihlenfeldt, Steffen
2021The Digital Twin of a System: A Structure for Networks of Digital TwinsReiche, Leif-Thore ; Gundlach, Claas Steffen ; Mewes, Gian Frederik; Fay, Alexander