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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201664. 2016 Automatisierungstechnik
201765. 2017 Automatisierungstechnik
201866. 2018 Automatisierungstechnik
201967. 2019 Automatisierungstechnik
202068. 2020 Automatisierungstechnik
2019A Capability Model for the Adaptation of Manufacturing SystemsHoang, Xuan-Luu ; Fay, Alexander 
1-Sep-2020A Formal Capability and Skill Model for Use in Plug and Produce ScenariosKöcher, Aljosha ; Hildebrandt, Constantin ; Vieira da Silva, Luis Miguel ; Fay, Alexander 
2017A Knowledge Carrying Service-Component Architecture for Smart Cyber Physical SystemsHaubeck, Christopher; Lamersdorf, Wilfried; Fay, Alexander 
2022A Mapping Approach to Convert MTPs into a Capability and Skill OntologyKöcher, Aljosha; Beers, Lasse ; Fay, Alexander 
2019A meta-model based environment for GRAFCET specificationsJulius, Robert ; Trenner, Thomas; Fay, Alexander ; Neidig, Jörg; Hoang, Xuan-Luu 
2021A Method to Automatically Generate Semantic Skill Models from PLC CodeKöcher, Aljosha ; Jeleniewski, Tom Robin ; Fay, Alexander 
2013A method to evaluate the openness of automation tools for increased interoperabilityFay, Alexander ; Biffl, Stefan; Winkler, Dietmar
2018A microservice-based architecture approach for the automation of modular process plantsBloch, Claus Henry ; Fay, Alexander ; Knohl, Torsten; Hoernicke, Mario; Bernshausen, Jens; Hensel, Stephan; Menschner, Anna; Urbas, Leon; Hahn, Anna; Bloch, Henry 
2019A model-driven approach for transforming GRAFCET specifications into PLC codeJulius, Robert ; Trenner, Thomas; Neidig, Jörg; Fay, Alexander 
21-Aug-2017A practical simulation model generation for virtual commissioningThongnuch, Suthida; Fay, Alexander 
2019A Seamless Description Approach for Engineering – Methods Illustrated for Industrie 4.0 ScenariosWehrstedt, Jan Christoph; Groos, Benedikt; Klein, Wolfram; Malik, Vincent; Rothbauer, Stefan; Zeller, Marc; Weiß, S.; Böhm, Birthe; Brings, Jennifer; Daun, Marian; Caesar, Birte ; Fay, Alexander ; Hung Koo, Chee; Vorderer, Marian
2022A simulation-based method for the correction of positioning errors in robot-guided fused deposition modelingHöfer, Raphael ; Mewes, Gian; Fay, Alexander 
2022A SysML-based Function-Centered Approach for the Modeling of System Groups for Collaborative Cyber-Physical SystemsHayward, Alexander ; Rappl, Maximilian ; Fay, Alexander 
2018A systematic approach for supporting the adaptation process of discrete manufacturing machinesMarks, Philipp; Hoang, Xuan Luu ; Weyrich, Michael; Fay, Alexander 
2020A systematic approach how to build, maintain and use an integrated plant modelLöwen, Ulrich; Sakka, Feras El ; Schertl, Andreas; Fay, Alexander