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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open Access2010Self-Calibrating Localisation Systems in Wireless NetworksBetoni Parodi, Bruno
2023Situation-aware Communication Topologies in Heterogeneous Platooning ScenariosMiekautsch, Fritz; Seeland, Felix ; Horn, Joachim ; Fay, Alexander 
2021Situation-aware Switching of the Communication Topology in Heterogeneous Platooning ApplicationsMiekautsch, Fritz; Seeland, Felix ; Horn, Joachim ; Fay, Alexander 
2013State estimation for PEM fuel cell systems with time delay by an Unscented Kalman filter and predictor strategySchultze, Martin; Horn, Joachim 
2015State estimation of exhaust valve position by Kalman Filter in PEM fuel cell systemsHähnel, Christian; Schultze, Martin; Aul, Vitali; Horn, Joachim 
2013State Estimation with Time Delay and State Feedback Control of Cathode Exhaust Gas Mass Flow for PEM Fuel Cell SystemsSchultze, Martin; Horn, Joachim 
2018Using Particle Swarm Optimization for Source Seeking in Multi-Agent SystemsGronemeyer, Marcus ; Bartels, Marcus; Werner, Herbert; Horn, Joachim