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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open Access2014FPGA-Based System Virtual MachinesEckert, Marcel 
Open Access2016Fully automatic preprocessing of naval images for 3D reconstructionCamino, Irene 
2016Generic operating-system support for FPGAsMeyer, Dominik ; Haase, Jan ; Eckert, Marcel ; Klauer, Bernd 
2013Hardware Based Security Enhanced Direct Memory AccessEckert, Marcel ; Podebrad, Igor ; Klauer, Bernd 
2017Human perception in objective video quality assessment and video codingWulf, Steffen
2018Low-Latency FIR Filter Structures Targeting FPGA PlatformsRivera Benois, Piero Iared ; Nowak, Patrick ; Zölzer, Udo ; Eckert, Marcel ; Klauer, Bernd 
2018Low-Latency FIR Filter Structures Targeting FPGA PlatformsEckert, Marcel ; Klauer, Bernd ; Rivera Benois, Piero Iared ; Nowak, Patrick ; Zölzer, Udo 
Open Access2008Modellierung von Audiosignalen durch Transiente-, Sinusoide- und Residual-KomponentenNsabimana, Françios Xavier 
Open Access2015Multicore Reconfiguration Platform - A Research and Evaluation FPGA Framework for Runtime Reconfigurable SystemsMeyer, Dominik 
2017New attack vectors for building automation and IoTMeyer, Dominik ; Haase, Jan ; Eckert, Marcel ; Klauer, Bernd 
2016Operating System Concepts for Reconfigurable ComputingEckert, Marcel ; Meyer, Dominik ; Klauer, Bernd ; Haase, Jan 
2016Print your gadgetKlauer, Bernd ; Haase, Jan ; Eckert, Marcel ; Meyer, Dominik 
2016System virtual machines in the context of reconfigurable computingEckert, Marcel ; Haase, Jan ; Meyer, Dominik ; Klauer, Bernd 
Open Access2015Systemarchitektur und Signalverarbeitung für die Diagnose von magnetischen ABS-SensorenKrey, Martin
2020Validation and performance anaysis of a parameterizable normalized feedback FxLMS archtiecture for FPGA platformsTimmermann, Johannes ; Klemd, Alexander ; Hanselka, Jonas ; Sachau, Delf  ; Klauer, Bernd 
2016Wireless sensor/actuator device configuration by NFCHaase, Jan ; Meyer, Dominik ; Eckert, Marcel ; Klauer, Bernd 
2017Wireless sensor/actuator device configuration by NFC with secure key exchangeKlauer, Bernd ; Meyer, Dominik ; Haase, Jan ; Eckert, Marcel 
Open Access2005Zum Einsatz von rekonfigurierbarer Hardware in ProzessorarchitekturenNiyonkuru, Adronis