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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Experimental results of the effect of increased filter length and sample rate of a feedback active noise control system with FxLMS-algorithm implemented in VHDLHanselka, Jonas; Klemd, Alexander; Sachau, Delf ; Klauer, Bernd 
Open Access2014FPGA-Based System Virtual MachinesEckert, Marcel
Open Access2016Fully automatic preprocessing of naval images for 3D reconstructionCamino, Irene
Open Access2023Hardware Acceleration of Active Noise Control AlgorithmsKlemd, Alexander
2017Human perception in objective video quality assessment and video codingWulf, Steffen
2021Low latency real-time deflagration detection using a Field Programmable Gate ArrayEckert, Marcel ; Krooß, Jakob; Klauer, Bernd ; Fay, Alexander 
2018Low-Latency FIR Filter Structures Targeting FPGA PlatformsEckert, Marcel ; Klauer, Bernd ; Rivera Benois, Piero Iared; Nowak, Patrick ; Zölzer, Udo 
Open Access2008Modellierung von Audiosignalen durch Transiente-, Sinusoide- und Residual-KomponentenNsabimana, Françios Xavier
Open Access2015Multicore Reconfiguration Platform - A Research and Evaluation FPGA Framework for Runtime Reconfigurable SystemsMeyer, Dominik 
2016Print your gadget: New channels for manufacturers using locally available 3D printersKlauer, Bernd ; Haase, Jan; Eckert, Marcel ; Meyer, Dominik 
Open Access2015Systemarchitektur und Signalverarbeitung für die Diagnose von magnetischen ABS-SensorenKrey, Martin
2020Validation and performance anaysis of a parameterizable normalized feedback FxLMS archtiecture for FPGA platformsTimmermann, Johannes ; Klemd, Alexander; Hanselka, Jonas; Sachau, Delf ; Klauer, Bernd 
Open Access2005Zum Einsatz von rekonfigurierbarer Hardware in ProzessorarchitekturenNiyonkuru, Adronis