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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015A RESTful approach for developing medical decision support systemsWeller, Tobias; Maleshkova, Maria ; März, Keno; Maier-Hein, Lena
8-Mar-2012An approach to construct dynamic service mashups using lightweight semanticsLiu, Dong; Li, Ning; Pedrinaci, Carlos; Kopecký, Jacek; Maleshkova, Maria ; Domingue, John
1-Sep-2017Annotating sBPMN elements with their likelihood of occurrenceWeller, Tobias; Maleshkova, Maria 
1-Jan-2015Automatisierung von Vorverarbeitungsschritten für medizinische Bilddaten mit semantischen TechnologienPhilipp, Patrick; Maleshkova, Maria ; Götz, Michael; Weber, Christian; Kämpgen, Benedikt; Zelzer, Sascha; Maier-Hein, Klaus; Klauß, Miriam; Rettinger, Achim
14-Dec-2022Behavioral Avoidance Test: Comparison between in vivo and virtual reality using questionnaires and psychophysiologySchmuecker, Vanessa; Grensing, Florian ; Hildebrand, Anne Sophie; Jakob, Rebekka; Eiler, Tanja Joan; Maleshkova, Maria ; Klucken, Tim; Brueck, Rainer
1-Jan-2015Building REST APIs for the robot operating system-mapping concepts and interactionKeppmann, Felix Leif; Maleshkova, Maria ; Harth, Andreas
1-Jan-2021Conversational question answering over knowledge graphs with transformer and graph attention networksKacupaj, Endri; Plepi, Joan; Singh, Kuldeep; Thakkar, Harsh; Lehmann, Jens; Maleshkova, Maria 
22-Mar-2021Demographic Aware Probabilistic Medical Knowledge Graph Embeddings of Electronic Medical RecordsGuluzade, Aynur; Kacupaj, Endri; Maleshkova, Maria 
21-Oct-2017DLUBM: A benchmark for distributed linked data knowledge base systemsKeppmann, Felix Leif; Maleshkova, Maria ; Harth, Andreas
16-May-2011Fostering a relationship between linked data and the internet of servicesDomingue, John; Pedrinaci, Carlos; Maleshkova, Maria ; Norton, Barry; Krummenacher, Reto
19-Oct-2020MLM: A Benchmark Dataset for Multitask Learning with Multiple Languages and ModalitiesArmitage, Jason; Kacupaj, Endri; Tahmasebzadeh, Golsa; Swati; Maleshkova, Maria ; Ewerth, Ralph; Lehmann, Jens
21-Sep-2011OmniVoke: A framework for automating the invocation of Web APIsLi, Ning; Pedrinaci, Carlos; Maleshkova, Maria ; Kopecky, Jacek; Domingue, John
7-Sep-2017On Automating Decentralized Multi-Step Service CombinationPhilipp, Patrick; Rettinger, Achim; Maleshkova, Maria 
16-Oct-2014RESTful or RESTless – Current state of today’s top web APIsBülthoff, Frederik; Maleshkova, Maria 
2-Jul-2016Semantic Technologies for Realising Decentralised Applications for the Web of ThingsKeppmann, Felix Leif; Maleshkova, Maria ; Harth, Andreas
1-Jan-2012Semantic web services approachesPedrinaci, Carlos; Maleshkova, Maria ; Zaremba, Maciej; Panahiazar, Maryam
1-Jun-2020SOLIOT-Decentralized data control and interactions for IoTBader, Sebastian R.; Maleshkova, Maria 
1-Jul-2019Structuring reference architectures for the industrial Internet of ThingsBader, Sebastian R.; Maleshkova, Maria ; Lohmann, Steffen
1-Dec-2009Supporting the creation of semantic RESTful service descriptionsMaleshkova, Maria ; Pedrinaci, Carlos; Domingue, John
1-Jan-2017Supporting the dispatching process for maintenance technicians in Industrie 4.0Bader, Sebastian; Vössing, Michael; Wolff, Clemens; Walk, Jannis; Maleshkova, Maria