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25-Oct-2022A New Approach to Secure Industrial Automation Systems Based on Revolution Pi ModulesHa, Song Son ; Beuster, Henry ; Doebbert, Thomas ; Scholl, Gerd 
22-Aug-2023An FPGA-based Unidirectional Gateway Proposal for OT-IT Network Separation to Secure Industrial Automation SystemsHa, Song Son ; Beuster, Henry ; Doebbert, Thomas ; Scholl, Gerd 
2021Coexistence Management Methods and Tools for IO-Link WirelessKrush, Dmytro; Cammin, Christoph ; Doebbert, Thomas Robert ; Heynicke, Ralf ; Scholl, Gerd 
1-Jan-2023Concept of a 5G Hybrid Wireless Campus Network as Testbed for Industrial ApplicationsCammin, Christoph ; Doebbert, Thomas ; Solzbacher, Bettina; Scholl, Gerd 
Open AccessFeb-2024Contribution to IO-Link Wireless Safety – Architecture and System ExtensionsDoebbert, Thomas Robert 
4-Sep-2023Contribution to Safety Extension of IO-Link WirelessDoebbert, Thomas ; Beuster, Henry ; Scholl, Gerd ; Schlögl, Walter; Supavatanakul, Peerasan
2022Fast Spectrum Monitoring System for the 2.45 GHz ISM-Band Based on Standard RF-Transciever ChipsSolzbacher, Bettina; Doebbert, Thomas ; Cammin, Christoph ; Scholl, Gerd 
2022Influence of Stirrer Vibration During Stepwise Operation of a Reverberation ChamberCammin, Christoph ; Doebbert, Thomas Robert ; Scholl, Gerd 
10-Mar-2021IO-Link Wireless Device Cryptographic Performance and Energy EfficiencyDoebbert, Thomas ; Krush, Dmytro; Cammin, Christoph ; Jockram, Jonas; Heynicke, Ralf Günter ; Scholl, Gerd 
25-Oct-2022On the Security of IO-Link Wireless Communication in the Safety DomainDoebbert, Thomas Robert ; Florian Fischer; Dominik Merli; Scholl, Gerd 
13-Jun-2022Precision measurement of the application-dependent current consumption of a wireless transceiver chip in the time and frequency domainDoebbert, Thomas Robert ; Cammin, Christoph ; Scholl, Gerd 
Jan-2022Safety Architecture Proposal for Low-Latency Sensor/Actuator Networks using IO-Link WirelessDoebbert, Thomas Robert ; Cammin, Christoph ; Scholl, Gerd 
Jan-2021Study of a Safe and Secure Ecosystem based on IO-Link Wireless and a 5G Campus NetworkDoebbert, Thomas Robert ; Cammin, Christoph ; Scholl, Gerd ; Karcher, Bernd
Open Access2022Testbed for Functional Safety-Relevant Wireless Communication Based on IO-Link Wireless and 5GDoebbert, Thomas Robert ; Beuster, Henry ; Scholl, Gerd ; Fischer, Florian; Merli, Dominik