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2024A numerical method to mimic an experimental wind gust generator: The immersed boundary gust generatorBoulbrachene, Khaled ; Breuer, Michael 
Jan-2023Aeroelastic response of an elastically mounted 2-DOF airfoil and its gust-induced oscillationsBoulbrachene, Khaled ; Breuer, Michael 
9-Oct-2021Assessment of two wind gust injection methods: Field velocity vs. split velocity methodBoulbrachene, Khaled ; De Nayer, Guillaume ; Breuer, Michael 
Feb-2022FSI simulations of wind gusts impacting an air-inflated flexible membrane at Re = 100,000De Nayer, Guillaume ; Breuer, Michael ; Boulbrachene, Khaled 
2024Wind Gust-Induced Flutter of an Elastically Mounted Airfoil: A Fluid-Structure Interaction Study based on LESBoulbrachene, Khaled ; Breuer, Michael