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2021Gestaltung und multidimensionale Bewertung von physischen Schnittstellen exoskelettaler Systeme.Weidner, Robert ; Ralfs, L.; Schubert, Tim ; Hoffmann, Niclas 
10-Jan-2022Low-Cost Force Sensors Embedded in Physical Human-Machine Interfaces: Concept, Exemplary Realization on Upper-Body Exoskeleton, and ValidationHoffmann, Niclas ; Ersoysal, Samet; Prokop, Gilbert; Hoefer, Matthias; Weidner, Robert 
1-Oct-2021Method and test course for the evaluation of industrial exoskeletonsRalfs, Lennart; Hoffmann, Niclas ; Weidner, Robert 
Feb-2022Methodologies for evaluating exoskeletons with industrial applicationsHoffmann, Niclas ; Prokop, Gilbert; Weidner, Robert 
Open Access2022Towards a Database for Deriving Design Aspects of Industrial ExoskeletonsHoffmann, Niclas ; Calisti, Maité; Reimeir, Benjamin; Ralfs, Lennart; Weidner, Robert