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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A quick and versatile one step metal–organic chemical deposition method for supported Pt and Pt-alloy catalystsJackson, Colleen; Smith, Graham T.; Mpofu, Nobuhle; Dawson, Jack M.S.; Khoza, Thulile; September, Caelin; Taylor, Susan M.; Inwood, David W.; Leach, Andrew; Kramer, Denis ; Russell, Andrea E.; Kucernak, Anthony R.; Levecque, Pieter
28-May-2021Ab initio molecular dynamics study of AlCl4- adsorption on PEDOT conducting polymer chainsCraig, Benjamin; Skylaris, Chris-Kriton; Ponce De Leon Albarran, Carlos; Kramer, Denis 
4-Mar-2021Advances in prevention of thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteriesMcKerracher, Rachel; Guzman Guemez, Jorge; Wills, Richard; Kramer, Denis ; Sharkh, Suleiman
30-Jul-2007Celtec-V: a polybenzimidazole-based membrane for the direct methanol fuel cellGubler, Lorenz; Kramer, Denis ; Belack, Jörg; Ünsal, Ömer; Schmidt, Thomas Justus; Scherer, Günther G.
2020Effect of tomography resolution on calculation of microstructural properties for lithium ion porous electrodesLe Houx, James; Osenberg, Markus; Neumann, Matthias; Binder, Joachim R.; Schmidt, Volker; Manke, Ingo; Carraro, Thomas ; Kramer, Denis 
12-Jul-2021Electrochemistry from first-principles in the grand canonical ensembleBhandari, Arihant; Peng, Chao; Dziedzic, Jacek; Anton, Lucian; Owen, John R.; Kramer, Denis ; Skylaris, Chris-Kriton
2020Electronic structure calculations in electrolyte solutions: Methods for neutralization of extended charged interfacesBhandari, Arihant; Anton, Lucian; Dziedzic, Jacek; Peng, Chao; Kramer, Denis ; Skylaris, Chris-Kriton
7-Oct-2020Exploring the stability of twisted van der Waals heterostructuresSilva, Andrea; Claerbout, Victor Emile Phillippe; Polcar, Tomas; Kramer, Denis ; Nicolini, Paolo
Open Access2022Integrated Design Methodology for Advanced Functional MaterialsKramer, Denis ; Fortuin, Adrian ; Cao, Jiangming ; Thomas, Aleena Anna ; Pistidda, Claudio; Le, Thi Thu; Klassen, Thomas ; Höche, Daniel; Deng, Min; Störmer, Michael; Krishnamurthy, Gnanavel Vaidhyanathan
20-Jun-2019Lithium titanate/pyrenecarboxylic acid decorated carbon nanotubes hybrid - Alginate gel supercapacitorOjha, Manoranjan; Le Houx, James; Mukkabla, Radha; Kramer, Denis ; Wills, Richard George Andrew; Deepa, Melepurath
20-Jul-2021Mechanism of Li nucleation at graphite anodes and mitigation strategiesPeng, Chao; Bhandari, Arihant; Dziedzic, Jacek; Owen, John R.; Skylaris, Chris-Kriton; Kramer, Denis 
13-Dec-2021Multi-scale model predicting friction of crystalline materialsTorche, Paola C.; Silva, Andrea; Kramer, Denis ; Polcar, Tomas; Hovorka, Ondrej
2019Non-equilibrium crystallization pathways of manganese oxides in aqueous solutionSun, Wenhao; Kitchaev, Daniil A.; Kramer, Denis ; Ceder, Gerbrand
4-Jun-2021OpenImpala: OPEN source IMage based PArallisable Linear Algebra solverLe Houx, James; Kramer, Denis 
25-Sep-2020Phase behaviour of (Ti:Mo) S2 binary alloys arising from electron-lattice couplingAndrea Silva; Tomas Polcar; Kramer, Denis 
21-May-2020Physics based modelling of porous lithium ion battery electrodes - A reviewLe Houx, James Peter; Kramer, Denis 
9-Apr-2020Practical approach to large-scale electronic structure calculations in electrolyte solutions via continuum-embedded linear-scaling density functional theoryDziedzic, Jacek; Bhandari, Arihant; Anton, Lucian; Peng, Chao; Womack, James C.; Famili, Marjan; Kramer, Denis ; Skylaris, Chris-Kriton
7-Dec-2021Pushing the boundaries of lithium battery research with atomistic modelling on dfferent scalesMorgan, Lucy; Mercer, Michael; Bhandari, Arihant; Peng, Chao; Islam, Mazharul M.; Yang, Hui; Holland, Julian Oliver; Coles, Samuel William; Sharpe, Ryan; Walsh, Aron; Morgan, Benjamin J.; Kramer, Denis ; Islam, Saiful M.; Hoster, Harry; Edge, Jacqueline Sophie; Skylaris, Chris-Kriton
2019Resolving anomalies in the critical exponents of FePt using finite-size scaling in magnetic fieldsWaters, Jonathon Michael; Kramer, Denis ; Sluckin, T.J.; Hovorka, Ondrej
2-Nov-2005Spatially resolved characterization of PEFCs using simultaneously neutron radiography and locally resolved impedance spectroscopySchneider, Ingo A.; Kramer, Denis ; Wokaun, Alexander; Scherer, Günther