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2015An active service-component architecture to enable self-awareness of evolving production systemsHaubeck, Christopher; Ladiges, Jan ; Lamersdorf, Winfried; Fay, Alexander  
2016Automated Determining of Manufacturing Properties and Their Evolutionary Changes from Event TracesLadiges, Jan ; Fay, Alexander  ; Lamersdorf, Wilfried
Open Access2018Automatisierte Bestimmung von Eigenschaften industrieller Produktionssysteme unter Einfluss evolutionärer ÄnderungenLadiges, Jan 
2018Entwurf, Modellierung und Verifikation von Serviceabhängigkeiten in ProzessmodulenLadiges, Jan ; Köcher, Aljosha ; Clement, Peer; Bloch, Claus Henry ; Holm, Thomas ; Altmann, Paul; Fay, Alexander  ; Urbas, Leon
2013Evolution of production facilities and its impact on non-functional requirementsLadiges, Jan ; Wior, Ireneus; Arroyo, Esteban ; Fay, Alexander  
2016Learning Behaviour Models of Discrete Event Production Systems from Observing Input/Output SignalsLadiges, Jan ; Haubeck, Christopher; Fay, Alexander  ; Lamersdorf, Wilfried
2015Learning material flow models for manufacturing plants from data tracesLadiges, Jan ; Fülber, Alexander; Arroyo, Esteban ; Fay, Alexander  ; Haubeck, Christopher; Lamersdorf, Winfried
2016Namur Modul Type Package - ImplementierungHolm, Thomas ; Obst, Michael; Ladiges, Jan ; Urbas, Leon; Fay, Alexander  ; Albers, Thomas; Hempen, Ulrich
2013Operationalized definitions of non-functional requirements on automated production facilities to measure evolution effects with an automation systemLadiges, Jan ; Haubeck, Christopher; Fay, Alexander  
2015Selected challenges of software evolution for automated production systemsVogel-Heuser, Birgit; Feldmann, Stefan; Folmer, Jens; Ladiges, Jan ; Fay, Alexander  ; Lity, Sascha; Tichy, Matthias; Kowal, Matthias; Schaefer, Ina; Haubeck, Christopher; Lamersdorf, Winfried; Kehrer, Timo; Getir, S.; Ulbrich, Mattias; Klebanov, Vladimir; Beckert, Bernhard
2015Supporting Commissioning of Production Plants by Model-Based Testing and Model LearningLadiges, Jan ; Fay, Alexander  ; Haubeck, Christopher; Lamersdorf, Winfried; Lity, Sascha; Schaefer, Ina
2016Transformation of the NAMUR MTP to OPC UA to allow plug and produce for modular process automationWassilew, Sachari; Urbas, Leon; Ladiges, Jan ; Fay, Alexander  ; Holm, Thomas 
2015Wie bekommt Industrie 4.0 Bedeutung?Fay, Alexander  ; Diedrich, Christian; Thron, Mario; Scholz, André ; Puntel Schmidt, Philipp; Ladiges, Jan ; Holm, Thomas