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Feb-2021A computational modeling approach based on random fields for short fiber-reinforced composites with experimental verification by nanoindentation and tensile testsRauter, Natalie 
2018A constitutive model for the analysis of second harmonic Lamb waves in unidirectional compositesRauter, Natalie ; Lammering, Rolf
Open Access2017Analyse des Einflusses der Werkstoffdegradation auf die nichtlineare Wellenausbreitung in unidirektionalen Compositen: Experimentelle Untersuchung mit numerischer Analyse und ModellbildungRauter, Natalie 
Dec-2022Correlation analysis of the elastic-ideal plastic material behavior of short fiber-reinforced compositesRauter, Natalie 
Jul-2020Correlation structure in the elasticity tensor for short fiber-reinforced compositesRauter, Natalie ; Lammering, Rolf
1-Oct-2021Experimental Characterization of Short Fiber-Reinforced Composites on the Mesoscale by Indentation TestsRauter, Natalie ; Lammering, Rolf
2019Guided ultrasonic waves in glass laminate aluminium reinforced epoxyRennoch, Marcel; Koerdt, Michael; Hermann, Axel Siegfried; Rauter, Natalie ; Lammering, Rolf
Oct-2022Numerical Simulation of the Elastic–Ideal Plastic Material Behavior of Short Fiber-Reinforced Composites Including Its Spatial Distribution with an Experimental ValidationRauter, Natalie 
Open Access2023Probabilistic modeling of short fiber-reinforced composites taking into account finite deformations – Numerical modeling and experimental validation –Rauter, Natalie 
Open Access2022Räumliche Auflösung des Schadenszustandes aus mechanischer und mathematischer SichtWeber, Wolfgang ; Rauter, Natalie ; Lammering, Rolf; Welker, Kathrin