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May-2013A new turbulent three-dimensional FSI benchmark FSI-PFS-3AKalmbach, Andreas ; De Nayer, Guillaume  ; Breuer, Michael  
Open Access2015Experimental investigations on vortex-induced fluid-structure interaction benchmarks and corresponding numerical RANS predictionsKalmbach, Andreas 
Oct-2013Experimental PIV/V3V measurements of vortex-induced fluid-structure interaction in turbulent flow-A new benchmark FSI-PfS-2aKalmbach, Andreas ; Breuer, Michael  
2014Flow past a cylinder with a flexible splitter plateDe Nayer, Guillaume  ; Kalmbach, Andreas ; Breuer, Michael  ; Sicklinger, Stefan; W├╝chner, Roland
Dec-2012Fluid-structure interaction in turbulent flowsDe Nayer, Guillaume  ; Breuer, Michael  ; Kalmbach, Andreas