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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20185.2 Paper 2Zeng, Michael ; Koller, Hans ; Jahn, Reimo 
20185.3 Paper 3Zeng, Michael ; Jahn, Reimo ; Koller, Hans ; Gnadt, Ferdinand
20185.4 Paper 4Zeng, Michael ; Dennstedt, Bianca; Koller, Hans 
2016Business model innovations in the digital publishing industryKoller, Hans 
2020Business model innovations in the publishing industryDennstedt, Bianca
2016Communities of PracticeKreutzmann, André ; Andresen, Florian ; Schulte, Benjamin ; Koller, Hans 
2020Communities of practice as collective lead usersKoller, Hans ; Schulte, Benjamin ; Andresen, Florian ; Kreuzmann, André
2017Culture in the MakingSchulte, Benjamin ; Andresen, Florian ; Koller, Hans 
2016Democratizing JournalismZeng, Michael A. ; Dennstedt, Bianca; Koller, Hans 
2021Exploring Meso-Level Dynamic Capabilities to Address the Capability Rigidity ParadoxAndresen, Florian 
2020Exploring the embeddedness of an informal community of practice within a formal organizational contextSchulte, Benjamin ; Andresen, Florian ; Koller, Hans 
2019Foresight as a Facilitator for Innovative Capability and Organizational AdaptabilityJahn, Reimo ; Koller, Hans 
2020Foresight in organizational and collaborative settings (Foresight im organisationalen und kollaborativen Kontext)Jahn, Reimo 
2016How to Manage the Unmanageable?Schulte, Benjamin ; Andresen, Florian ; Koller, Hans ; Kreutzmann, André 
2016Influence of Moderation on Communication in Communities of Practice in Hierachical OrganizationsNowak, Katharina; Koller, Hans ; Andresen, Florian ; Groß, Dominique-Pascal ; Kreutzmann, André ; Schulte, Benjamin 
2017Internal control prediction marketsWerner, Max
2017Lead User in der Medical Homecare-Industrie in DeutschlandGroß, Dominique-Pascal 
2013Lead user in the medical homecare industryGroß, Dominique-Pascal ; Koller, Hans 
2016Modelling of Self-organized Structure and Culture Creation within Communities of PracticeAndresen, Florian ; Koller, Hans ; Kreutzmann, André ; Schulte, Benjamin 
Open AccessJan-2020NATO Centres of Excellence: A New Organisational Model and Vehicle for Multinational Knowledge ExchangeCorbe, Marian