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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Between assessments, digital technologies and big dataHartong, Sigrid 
2020Between Fairness Optimization and ‘Inequalities of Dataveillance’ – the Emerge and Transformation of Social Indices in German School Monitoring and ManagementKamp-Hartong, Sigrid ; Breiter, Andreas
2018Bildung unter BeobachtungBormann, Inka; Kamp-Hartong, Sigrid ; Höhne, Thomas 
2021Data infrastructures and the (ambivalent) effects of rising data interoperability: insights from GermanyKamp-Hartong, Sigrid ; Förschler, Lea-Annina ; Dabisch, Vito Konstantin 
2020Dateninfrastrukturen als zunehmend machtvolle Komponente von Educational GovernanceHartong, Sigrid ; Förschler, Lea-Annina 
2021Digital Education Governance and the Productive Relationalities of School Monitoring InfrastructuresJornitz, Sieglinde; Engel, Laura; Kamp-Hartong, Sigrid 
2019Digitalisierung von Schule, Schulverwaltung und SchulaufsichtKamp-Hartong, Sigrid ; Breiter, Andreas; Jarke, Juliane; Förschler, Annina
2018Einleitung [zu Ökonomisierung von Schule]Kamp-Hartong, Sigrid ; Hermstein, Björn; Höhne, Thomas 
2022Learning spaces: built, natural and digital considerations for learning and learnersKraftl, P.; McKenzie, M.; Gulson, K.; Accioly, I.; Blackmore, J.; Burke, C.; Carlo, P.; Clarke, D. A. G.; Daniels, H.; Fregoso Bailon, R. O.; Goodyear, V.; Goodyear, P.; Gunasekara, I.; Hartong, Sigrid ; Hickman Dunne, J.; Howard, S.; Lupinacci, J.; Mcphie, J.; Mannion, G.; Meyer, M. A.; Nemorin, S.; Nxumalo, F.; Parnell, R.; Pykett, J.; Ratuio, P.; Sefton Green, J.; Selwyn, N.; Stovall, D.; Southgate, E.; Talbert, R.; Teelucksingh, C.; Tucker, R.; Uduku, O.; Wilson, A.; Wood, A.
2022National Education Systems in the Post-national EraParreira do Amaral, Marcelo; Kamp-Hartong, Sigrid 
2013NeoinstitutionalismusKamp-Hartong, Sigrid 
2018Neue (unsichtbare) Formen der Privatisierung von Schule in den USA?Kamp-Hartong, Sigrid 
2016New Structures pf power and regulation within "distributed" education policy - the example of the US Common Core State Standards InitiativeHartong, Sigrid 
2012Overcoming resistance to change: PISA, school reform in Germany and the example of Lower SaxonyHartong, Sigrid 
2013PisaKamp-Hartong, Sigrid 
2016Schulstrukturreform in BremenKamp-Hartong, Sigrid ; Nikolai, Rita
2018Standardbasierte Bildungsreformen in den USAKamp-Hartong, Sigrid 
2019The Transformation of State Monitoring Systems in Germany and the USKamp-Hartong, Sigrid 
2018Towards a topological re-assemblage of education policy? Observing the implementation of performance data infrastructures and centers of calculation in GermanyKamp-Hartong, Sigrid 
2020Tracing “the transnational” in the nationalization of school policyKamp-Hartong, Sigrid