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30-Jan-2022A novel approach for automatic detection of linear and nonlinear dependencies between data by means of autoencodersReuter, Uwe; Jayaram, Aditha; Rezkalla, Mina; Weber, Wolfgang 
Jul-2017Dynamic behaviour of rigid inclusions with circumferential damage embedded in an elastic matrixWeber, Wolfgang ; Manolis, George D.
9-Sep-2020Enabling intelligent Mg-sheet processing utilizing efficient machine-learning algorithmShariati, Mohamadreza ; Weber, Wolfgang ; Bohlen, Jan; Kurz, Gerrit; Letzig, Dietmar; Höche, Daniel  
Dec-2018First Steps Towards the Direct Micro‐Macro Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Under Impact LoadingTamsen, Erik; Weber, Wolfgang ; Balzani, Daniel
1-Jul-2017Fuzzy modeling of wave-shielding under consideration of cost-effectiveness for an efficient reduction of uncertaintyWeber, Wolfgang ; Reuter, Uwe
Dec-2017Ideas regarding a physically motivated selection of snapshots for POD calculations - a potential application to z-pin pullout?Weber, Wolfgang ; Fangye, Yannick F.; Zastrau, Bernd W.; Balzani, Daniel
2021Influence of the correlation lengths on the continuous mode conversionZimmermann, Eugen ; Weber, Wolfgang 
1-Jan-2021Modal analysis and insights into damping phenomena of a special vibration chainMüller, Peter C.; Weber, Wolfgang 
2018Model order reduction of mikota’s vibration chain including damping effects by means of proper orthogonal decompositionWeber, Wolfgang ; Zastrau, Bernd W.
2021Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Titanium Dioxide as Model System for Size Effects in Aerosol DepositionDaneshian, Bahman ; Gärtner, Frank ; Weber, Wolfgang ; Klassen, Thomas  ; Assadi, Hamid ; Höche, Daniel  
2021Novel Magnesium Based Materials: Are They Reliable Drone Construction Materials?Höche, Daniel  ; Weber, Wolfgang ; Gazenbiller, Eugen ; Gavras, Sarkis; Hort, Norbert; Dieringa, Hajo
2022Parallel simulation of the Poisson–Nernst–Planck corrosion model with an algebraic flux correction methodShariati, Mohamadreza ; Weber, Wolfgang ; Höche, Daniel  
5-Mar-2021Size Effects of Brittle Particles in Aerosol Deposition - Molecular Dynamics SimulationDaneshian, Bahman ; Gärtner, Frank ; Assadi, Hamid ; Höche, Daniel  ; Weber, Wolfgang ; Klassen, Thomas  
Open Access2019Stochastische Materialmodellierung mit einer Anwendung auf die Wellenausbreitung in KompositenZimmermann, Eugen 
Apr-2018The remarkable structure of the mode shapes and eigenforces of a special multibody oscillatorWeber, Wolfgang ; Müller, Peter C.; Anders, Bernd