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1-Jan-2017Automaton-on-tag: An approach for an RFID-driven production control with mealy machines stored on an RFID tagBusert, Timo ; Köcher, Aljosha ; Julius, Robert ; Fay, Alexander 
2019Extended Value Stream Mapping Method for Information based Improvement of Production Logistics ProcessesBusert, Timo ; Fay, Alexander 
2019Extended Value Stream Mapping Method: Harmonizing Information Flows for the Control of Production ProcessesBusert, Timo ; Fay, Alexander 
22-Oct-2018Incorporating Imperfect Information in Decentralized Agent-Based Dynamic and Integrated SchedulingGehlhoff, Felix ; Busert, Timo ; Lewin, Marcus ; Fay, Alexander 
22-Oct-2018Information Quality Dimensions for Identifying and Handling Inaccuracy and Uncertainty in Production Planning and ControlBusert, Timo ; Fay, Alexander 
2020Information quality focused value stream mapping for the coordination and control of production processesBusert, Timo ; Fay, Alexander 
2019Informationsharmonisierung logistischer ProzesseBusert, Timo ; Fay, Alexander 
Open AccessJul-2022Methodik zur Verbesserung der Steuerung der Produktionslogistik auf Basis einer harmonisierten InformationsqualitätBusert, Timo 
2020NAMUR-MTP für Plug-&-Operate in produktionsnaher Logistik : Anforderungen an eine modulare AutomatisierungCordes, Sophia; Busert, Timo ; Fay, Alexander ; Kessler, Stephan; Schick, Annette
2019Systematische Einführung von Industrie 4.0 für den MittelstandEl Sakka, Feras; Busert, Timo ; Fay, Alexander